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Auntie Em’s Kitchen
4616 Eagle Rock Blvd  – L.A. (Eagle Rock)

It has been said that if you put 10 Jews in a room, you’ll hear 11 different opinions.

I might say the same is true for chocolate chip cookie eaters. In other words, it is a highly divisive topic. Some favor thin and crisp, some swear by thick and doughy. Or thin and chewy. Or thick and biscuity. Some dig walnuts or pecans, others say “hell no” to the nuts. Some ccc bakers misguidedly think they’re doing us a great favor by including butterscotch – or possibly worse – white chocolate chips. Ugh and double ugh. The possibilities are endless – more so than with perhaps any other cookie.

While it is difficult in my estimation to beat the enormously pleasing, super thick and slightly underdone Leites Consumate Chocolate Chip Cookie of New York Times renown, I absolutely have room in my life for more than one style of ccc. And this rather atypical version from Auntie Em’s, remarkable in both its circumference and extreme thinness, would be a welcome addition into a diversity-celebrating community of America’s favorite cookie.

Would you get a load of the paper-thinness? Seriously, the edge is like a (dull) razor. Thin! The chips/chunks (more like discs, really) are of high quality dark or semi-sweet chocolate, and the texture is not so much crispy as it is chewy and caramel-like. And check out the size; that thumb belongs to a full-grown adult (me) with larger than average hands and fingers, fyi.

If one were having trouble deciding whether to eat a cookie or a candy bar, Auntie Em’s chocolate chunk  would be an excellent choice.

What might not be an excellent choice? Putting 10 chocolate chip cookie-eaters who also happen to be Jews in one room.  All that debating and discourse would suck the fun right out of the cookie.  And that would be sad. (Nothing against opinionated Jew cookie eaters, of course.)

Note: Auntie Em’s makes a nice variety of great-tasting sweets beyond cookies, including cupcakes, bar cookies and Bundt cakes.  It is a full-service restaurant; everything I’ve tasted here (desserts and otherwise) has been fantastic. I love this place (Buckets of thanks and love to my Eagle Rock homies who took me there for the first time a couple-few years ago!)