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Grand Central Bakery
Portland* – various locations


As I typed the words “Triple Chocolate” just now, I realized that I’m not really sure why it’s called “triple”.  Rich chocolate base: check. Nice semi-sweet chocolate chips: check.  But…what is this mystery third chocolate in the trifecta?  (Note to self: Next time you go to Grand Central, ask what that damn third chocolate is.  Shit, now I’m totally curious! Stay tuned for an update.)

Okay, so here is what’s interesting about the this one:  Every time I taste it, I am surprised all over again by how honestly delicious it is. That is to say, it does not have a whole lot of curb appeal; it appears somewhat dry and biscuit-y to the eye, and even though I’ve eaten probably twenty of them over the past, say,  5 years, it is as if I’ve developed some sort of chronic Triple Chocolate Cookie amnesia.

Here’s how it goes down. I’ll be standing in front of the cookie display, deciding between the ginger molasses and oatmeal raisin (two winners, btw – look for full reports in the future) and then I’ll glance over at the Triple Chocolate with its shiny and not very deep and dark countenance and I’ll think to myself: “Oh, Triple Chocolate Cookie.  That’s right, I know you. You’re quite a bit smaller than the other cookies back there, but maybe today I’m in the mood for something light and airy like yourself.”

So then I buy it. And when I break it open, instead of being biscuity and crumbly, it’s soft (without being floppy) and moist (without being oily or greasy).  It is more chocolaty and eggy than floury, giving it an almost souffle-like profile. I detect a background hit of coffee, an addition that (take note), when used in moderation, serves to  embolden any chocolate cake or cookie. The flavor is bold, studded with chips but no nuts – and although I am quite fond of a pecan or almond alongside some chocolate, the nutless feature is sort of perfect for this particular cookie.  When I experienced more or less this exact sequence of events just yesterday when visiting Grand Central for the first time in about a month, I decided that the Triple Chocolate Cookie is due for a proper nod – and most certainly it’s own Carpe Cookie post.  I recommend it sans reservation.

The cookie is modest in size (spoon included for scale reference), but priced appropriately.  Considering that it packs twice as much flavor per bite than most cookies, it is  a great value in that regard.

If you enjoy chocolate (i.e; are not a soul-less freak of nature), I am thinking it’s impossible not to find a place in your heart for this cookie.  It’s pretty fuckin’ good, my friends.

*There are 7 Grand Central Bakeries in Portland, 4 in Seattle (where the first G.C. opened in 1989).  I have not visited any of the Seattle locations, but I am assuming the recipes are consistent with the Portland stores.  Based on the company’s website, the prices in Seattle are slightly higher than in Portland.