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Le Cookie Monkey
1902 NW 24th Ave – Portland

It is currently ONE HUNDRED DEGREES straight up  – on the last day of July in Portland. I am too stoned out on the heat to provide a nuanced description on this one and, frankly, kind of can’t believe I had the fortitude to seek this one out on my way home just now.

The basics:

• Totally not cakey, dry or crumbly. Soft and slightly under baked. Thumbs up on that.

• Sweet plus savory. This is (nearly) always a winning combination.

• Real bacon. Not Fakin Bacon. Not Bac-Os®.

• Thin and floppy. The bacon and dark molasses-y toffee could be showcased so much better in a cookie of greater girth. Slightly anemic, the entire disc folded in on itself before I’d even reached my car. It is possible that this wouldn’t  happen on a cooler day. But still. Annoying.

• Needs salt. Being that salty bacon is one of the two featured ingredients I didn’t expect to be repeating my most broken record complaint. Alas, I do. Sorry. Fact: more salt would make this taste…more. As it is, it’s slightly bland.

• Once stiffened up in the freezer, these floppy, doughy discs could be pretty fantastic, yet still pliable bookends for an ice cream sandwich. I’m imagining maple ice cream in the middle – or a simple vanilla. My cookie (minus one bite) is in the freezer at this very moment so I  will totally be trying this later.