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New Seasons Market
NE 33rd and Killingsworth – Portland

A few months ago, the New Seasons Market near my house (Concordia branch) replaced their house-made oatmeal raisin cookie with one that, while baked on-site, is actually made with dough supplied by Grand Central Bakery.  I am not complaining; while I had no problem with the old version of the o.r.c., I have great affection for almost all things Grand Central.

This is, however, not the same cookie that is sold in the Grand Central Bakery and Café – the most marked difference being in the use of raisins.  Grand Central uses golden ones,  but the dough that they make for New Seasons contains the traditional Thompson raisins.   I used to think there was little difference between the two, but more recently I have noticed that the dark ones have a deeper and sweeter flavor.

Here’s what I like about this cookie:

1. The texture is great.  Soft, almost undercooked interior surrounded by a just barely crisp and chewy rim.

2. It is thick.  I like the girth and heft.

3. The circumfrence.  Not a monster job– just nice and modest, like one you would make at home.

4. The price: 99¢.  There is no reason that a medium-sized oatmeal raisin cookie  should be more than a buck, and I thank New Seasons for honoring this.

Here’s what I think it could use:

SALT. Note to New Seasons cookie bakers:  if you use unsalted butter, please add salt.  I am unable to eat this cookie without dabbing it in a little bit of nice sea salt.  Even though the texture, size and price are spot-on, without salt, it is, frankly, bland.  And bland cookies make me sad.