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New Seasons Market
Various Locations (this one purchased at Concordia store)

I have been inside this store anywhere between 4 and 10 times/week (really) since it first opened in my neighborhood – over 10 years ago. Which makes it somewhat shocking that the first time this cookie made its way into my mouth was about 2 months ago.

It just looked…uninviting, I guess. I’ve had a longtime love for  the triple chocolate at Grand Central – not to mention several other cookies that fall under this general umbrella of double/triple chocolateyness. So you’d think I would’ve been all over this one like white on rice.

But instead, I looked right through this legit player for years. I don’t know why, exactly, I assumed that this one wouldn’t be up to snuff. I mean, it is certainly no Levain dark chocolate chocolate chip or that nameless black beauty from Mother’s Bistro.

But it IS totally respectable. More than respectable – it is quite pleasing. Not overpoweringly rich – just….chocolatey in an Oreo-minus-the-cream-filling sort of way. The edges are slightly crisp, but become chewy and even slightly sticky once it gets between your molars. The middle is soft, but not floppy. On day 2 the texture becomes a bit less contrasty between its outer and inner regions – but not to its detriment; it totally holds up and makes a perfectly great day-old cookie. Also, I like that it’s a chocolate crinkle, sans powdered sugar. The only thing powdered sugar does on a crinkle is make it look pretty… and then leave tell-tale white dust all over your lips and navy blue sweater.  Who needs it?  Not me.

And shoot, it’s only a buck. In that respect, you kinda can’t beat it.