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Stella Taco
2940 NE Alberta – Portland

Q:  Why is it that a taco joint is completely NAILING chocolate chip cookies?

Stella makes exactly one* baked good and they make the $*!% out of it.

Somebody in that kitchen, clearly, is a cookie scholar – and  is managing to get these gems under a glass dome at the cash register on a regular basis. (I’ve seen them every time I’ve been there, with maybe one exception when they’d sold out.)

I’ve said before that I much prefer traditional chocolate chips rather than big chunks in my ccc, but because the rest of the this nugget is so exceptional, I am willing to overlook that in this case.


The Lowdown:

• Underbaked (Aka: baked exactly the right amount of time.) I think this comes across in the photo above. The dense moisture of the cookie virtually leaps off the screen – am I right?)

• Slight toffee-like flavor, a result of an “aged” dough. I’m guessing the dough is rested in the refrigerator for a couple of days before baking – not a secret technique at this point in time, yet so few profesh bakers take this extra step. My plea to both amateur and pros: DO IT! It is so goddamned worthwhile. I promise you.

• Perfect size. Shouldn’t be smaller (for $2) and doesn’t need to be any bigger.

• Good quality dark/semi-sweet chocolate

• No nuts

• Bonus points for offering a great cookie in an unexpected venue for great cookies. I extra love it when this happens.

Note: I’m refraining from making my frequent “not enough salt” complaint because while it is true that this cookie could def use some, here’s the thing: you’re AT a taqueria, guys. They have so much salt there. Regular salt, limey salt, and, I’m presuming, margarita salt. So if you’re like me you can rectify the dearth of salt with a shake or two, right on the premises. No big deal. 

* I’m pretty sure. As far as I’ve seen, anyway.