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Treat Bakery
210 W Evergreen Blvd – Vancouver, WASHINGTON

Cereal Killer. I’m embarrassed to tell you that I didn’t get the pun at first. I was, in fact, wondering why they were calling it “cereal killer cookie” instead of “killer cereal cookie.”
I mean, the latter made more sense, structurally. It wasn’t until I was watching the news several days later about an ACTUAL SERIAL KILLER and I was said to myself,

“Oh, wait. Those words sound familiar to my ears – in a ‘they’ve just been running through my brain very recently’ kind of familiar.”

And then I was like “Oh! CEREAL killer!!! I GET it!”

I’m usually a little quicker than this. (It was very hot outside that week and my brain was on tape delay.) Okay…see, it’s a CEREAL cookie because there is…cereal in it. Yep. Corn Flakes, to be specific.

There are also marshmallows and chocolate chips. The cornflakes offer perhaps a smidge of savory reprieve from the sweetness and gooeyness, but the fact is that these beasts are much closer to a candy bar than they are to a granola bar. For sure.

A little sticky. Buttery. Very sweet.(And this from the lady who eats brown sugar with a spoon. Sometimes.)