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I want to add a new cookie post.  Really, I do!

But I’ve got nothing. NOTHING!  And it ain’t for lack of trying.  Seriously.

In the past two weeks I’ve eaten a LOT of mediocre (at best) and regrettable (at worst) cookies.  Nothing, that is to say, worthy of telling you about.

A partial list of my efforts:

• a dry, hollow honey vanilla macaron from Salt and Straw Ice Cream (I think the cookie was from Two Tarts.)

• another dry, hollow and shitty macaron from another place. It was so forgettable that I can’t even remember where I bought it.

• a fig oatmeal raisin cookie from Bakery Nouveau in West Seattle that was not necessarily terrible, but nowhere NEAR the the level of awesomeness of when I first tasted it last spring. It seemed day-old – not moist or chewy at ALL.  Dry and lifeless.  And I totally drove out of my way for it – in shitty weather.  Sad.

• a double chocolate cookie  – also from Bakery Nouveau.  I asked whether it was crispy or chewy. The girl told me “both.  It’s really great.”  It was all crispy – and not chewy.  And not really great.  I ate one bite and gave the rest to my little cousins.

• several mediocre almond paste and/or marzipan-filled cookies from Larsen’s Danish Bakery in Ballard (Seattle).  Again, not terrible, but not worthy of a special trip.  I adore marzipan and had such high hopes, so this was especially disappointing.

• a chocolate chip cookie from Hiroki, which had received props in Seattle Met’s chocolate chip cookie taste test a few months ago.  Completely ordinary – not awesome.  Disappointing, in fact.

Are we in a cookie slump?  Are all the bakers phoning it in, exhausted from last month’s high cookie season madness?

I have grown weary from repeated cookie disappointment. I must find a good one, soon – before I lose faith.

I don’t know, maybe it’s just me.  Anyone got a hot cookie tip?  Something I need to try?  Lay it on me, please. I am ready for it.