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Whole Foods Market
Portland – various locations

Is it a cookie? Or is it a confection?  It’s sitting behind the glass next to all the other cookies,  but I’d say this one sort of rides the fence being that a) it contains not a lick of flour (not that flour is a requirement for cookie classification) and b) enclosed within its thin, almond-encrusted sheath, is a dense, slightly sticky mass of sweet, sugary marzipan – behaving more like candy than cookie, imo.  Its ingredients are: sugar, almonds, almond paste, egg whites and salt.

I had overlooked this shy, wallflower crescent for years – assuming it to be nothing more than an uninteresting and bland biscuit.  It wasn’t until I ordered a catered lunch from Whole Foods last year for a group of 20 people that I first put one in my mouth.  This was during Passover and so I self-servingly requested that the cookie platter include a couple of  flourless options (because G-d forbid I go a week of my life not eating cookies).  I was expecting not much other than the obvious macaroon, but when the almond horn showed up as the KLP cookie (kosher l’Pesach), I happily obliged.

Be warned, if you hate marzipan, this is not your cookie.  I happen to adore the shit – and this little horn of plenty has since been in my regular WF cookie rotation.

Count me a fan of the almond horn – a Johnny-come-lately, perhaps – but a big, big fan.