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Metropolitan Market
2420 N. Proctor – Tacoma, WA



Here’s something sad: I recently realized I had not been moved to write about any new cookies I’d met for over TWO months. Not since that almond-y beut in Oakland.

Here’s something not sad: Then one day this ace of a chocolate chip number showed up in my life.

They call it, simply, “The Cookie.”

This is a ccc for the ages, friends. Definitely the closest thing to the Levain I’ve come across so far.

Here’s what you need to know:

• GIRTH. It is wide and it is fat . Baked exactly the right amount of minutes, its exterior is firm and slightly crisp and the inside is perfectly doughy – in a totally non-salmonella sort of way.

• Chunks of Belgian bittersweet and semisweet chocolate. (I know I say I prefer regular-sized chocolate chips as opposed to oversized, irregular chunks but I’m backing off that stance for once. Chunks: just fine. I concede.)


• Walnuts. It’s no secret that this is my least favorite cookie nut. Not because they taste bad but because they make my mouth feel hurt-y. Like I’ve been French kissing a belt sander. Sure, these would be even more ruling with pecans or almonds instead of walnuts but, again, I am not splitting hairs. I think the walnuts may actually add to the structural integrity, keeping the entire situation in one solid unit.

• Not overcrowded with either of the above (chocolate or nuts), leaving enough non-chocolated and non-nutted area for proper balanced chocolate chip cookie enjoyment. (Way too many ccc bakers do not get this right. Props to Met Market for seeing the light.)

And because there is (almost) always room for improvement, here is my one suggestion to Met Market that would push this hot shot to the tippy top:

• More (dark) brown sugar and a touch more salt, por favor – and with all due respect. Try it just once and let me know if you think I’m off the mark.

• I am not positive but I think it is available ONLY at the Tacoma Met Market  – and not at the chain’s other locations in the Seattle area.