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Whole Foods Market*
NE 15th and Fremont St. – Portland



*my review pertains to this specific Whole Foods only because, in fact, not all WF cookie bakers are created equally. (I’m talking to you, WF @ NE 28th and Burnside. Over-baking your cookies and then wrapping each one up in Saran? Stop it.)

What is happening to my mouth? I suddenly crave snickerdoodles regularly. For the first time in all my cookie-eating years. 

I’ve purchased, eaten and enjoyed countless oatmeal raisin and ginger molasses cookies from the 99¢ cookie case at this very Whole Foods Market, with barely a glance at the snickerdoodles (and peanut butters) sitting right there next to them. It’s not like I find snickerdoodles necessarily offensive, just unremarkable and bland. Ain’t nobody got time for unremarkable cookies.


But on a recent visit, those snickerdoodles were somehow radiating in their buttery underdone-ness. And the next thing I knew I’d slipped one into the little brown paper cookie sleeve along with my oatmeal raisin (I almost never buy more than one cookie at a time but I wasn’t taking any chances in case this was some sort of fool’s gold, trompe l’oeil of a cookie).

As you can assume (since I am bothering to tell you about it), it was no such thing. I think I kinda love these.