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little t american baker
2600 SE Division – Portland

I should tell you straight away that I almost never eat peanut butter cookies. It’s not so much that I hate them, but when it comes time to pick my poison, it’s never my first choice (or even second or third). But being that the pbc is adored by so many fellow cookie-eaters and also being that the entire raison d’etre of Carpe Cookie is to lead you to the golden nuggets in the overcrowded field of mostly mundane cookies, I realized it was time to represent. Represent the pbc, that is.

I picked one up at Little T the other day  to pass off to a pbc-lovin’ cookie monster  that I know (I’ll call him “A”) so that he could taste it and give me his seasoned opinion. And here’s what he said:

I think the texture was good but a little moist. Salty to sweet balance was great. Serving size was perfect. I tried to eat just half and save the other half, but you know how that goes…

A added that there were too many whole peanuts for his taste (personal preference, obv.) and also noted the absence of fork marks. Wait, I thought fork marks on pbc’s were sort of required by law or something. But I’ve noticed that Little T likes to buck tradition – a trait they exhibit by adding (sigh) white chocolate chips to their oatmeal cookie. If you know me, you know that I simply cannot abide this practice, but again…personal preference. Alas, I suppose it is entirely their right to taint my sacred oatmeal raisin with those dastardly white globs; turns out there are people in the world who think this is a good idea, otherwise they wouldn’t keep baking them.

Before I slid the cookie in A’s mail slot, I had reached in the bag to take a bite of the ginger molasses* that I had also bought (like I wasn’t gonna get a cookie for myself; I’m not that selfless). When I did this, I accidentally grabbed  the wrong one and ended up with a small bite of pb instead. I concur with A’s thoughts on the salty-sweet balance, and what my pinch-hitting taster found “too moist” was to me the perfect amount of underdone-ness.

*I’ll tell you about their ginger molasses cookie someday. It’s super good.

**Please excuse the less than awesome photo- it was taken inside my car, on a rainy and shadowy afternoon.