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Whole Foods Market
NE 15th/Fremont – Portland*

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this a couple (or 9) times already, but my fondness for ginger molasses cookies runs deep. I LOVE them. Love.

Which means I’ve eaten (and written about) a lot of different ginger molasses cookies.

And I will tell you that this is one of the best around.

• Pleasantly under baked and bendy

• Slightly crisp, sugary coating

• Reasonably gingery – detectable but not a massive spice hit.

• Medium-deep molasses flavor (not super dark – which I do sometimes crave. But not always.)

• You know there’s butter in there. Not oil. Not margarine. Butter.

• 99¢. Ninety-nine tiny pennies! What? It’s tough to find a bakery cookie for 99¢, much less a top notch one like this.

A goddamned solid ginger molasses cookie. Totally recommended.

* This is in reference to the Whole Foods Market on NE Fremont ONLY.  Yes, the various WF bakeries do differ from one another. Different bakers bake shit differently. Jaclyn (the head [I think] pastry chef at this location) and her crew do it best, imo.