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Miss Zumstein Bakery & Coffee Shop
5027 NE 42nd Ave – Portland

A classic coconut macaroon. No flour – only coconut, egg whites, sugar…vanilla?

I’m not 100% positive about the flourless-ness (celiac suffers take heed), but it definitely felt meringue-y, like a coconut macaroon is meant to be. Like the best kind of Passover macaroons  — that is to say, not the macaroons from the Manischewitz can. Sorry, I know the Mani-macs have their nostalgic value, but they’re gummy and taste like…a can. You can do so much better.

• light and airy

• crispy exterior, chock-a-block with soft, chewy, untoasted* coconut on the inside.

• big

• good


*If you adore toasted coconut like I do, this hefty nugget at Red Fox Bakery in McMinnville is worth a detour.