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Comet Coffee
5708 Oakland Ave – St. Louis, MO

The following is the first ever GUEST POST on carpe-cookie.  Here’s what’s true: I know very few, if any, cookie eaters who put as much time, planning, consideration and reflection into cookies as I do. Chris W. is one of these people.

Chris is currently visiting St. Louis; this afternoon he sent me texts (yes, plural) about a fantastic-sounding chocolate chip cookie that he was eating – in real time. In his words:

CW: Messy cc cookie just out of the oven. Comet Coffee in St. Louis, MO. I’m  usually not into the melted layer of chocolate (that) chunks make, but it works here. Crispy on outside, soft inside. Hint of salt. Delicious.”

ME: Wow. Sounds brill. Take a couple of photos and I’ll put it on carpe-cookie. Don’t forget the penny for scale.

CW: Guy said the recipe is from famous pastry chef. (?) Also said the key is to whip the butter a little longer for lightness and bake the cookies bigger so they’re crisp on outside and stay soft inside (ME, siliently: duh.) The chips are Guittard (ME: the best.) Sprinkled with salt lightly on top (ME: thank you!) Stretched penny from St Louis Arch for scale. (ME: perfect!) Complimentary glass of cold milk a nice touch (ME: I’ll say!)


Thanks a bunch for the diligent cookie scouting, CW!