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Miss Zumstein Bakery & Coffee Shop
5027 NE 42nd Ave – Portland

The most back-to-basic ccc I’ve found at a quality bakery since…maybe ever.

No irregular, misshapen chunks of chocolate dominating the cookie -only  good, semisweet chocolate chip-shaped chips.No flourish of hand-harvested sea salt resting atop (not that I don’t love that. I do). No walnuts. No pecans. No dried fruit or coconut.

It’s big*, it’s flat. It is not woefully under-salted**.

The ratio of chip to cookie is spot-on. See, I love the non-chipped areas of the chocolate chip cookie – in all of it’s buttery, brown sugarness- just as much as the chocolate parts. So when a cookie is overpopulated with chips, I feel kinda robbed. Yes, sometimes (aka: once-per-day) what I want is a mouth full of chocolate. Those are the times when I put a chocolate bar in my mouth. But if I buy a cookie, it’s because I want some cookie in there, too.

This is the chocolate chip cookie of your brown bagged yesteryear – assuming someone living in your home was even the rookiest of bakers and not packin’ Chips Ahoy in your Snoopy lunch pail.

Good job, Miss Z!


*So big that I ate only half when I got it. The remainder was even better the next day – a true sign of cookie superiority.

**A little more salt wouldn’t hurt.