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Bluebird Bakers
2390 NW Thurman – Portland

I’ve been seeing cookies from Bluebird Bakers in stores like New Seasons and Zupans for the past year or two- and was lucky enough to happen upon a free sample or two (or four) once or twice.

Until very recently, they have been available ONLY in markets, but just last week they opened a retail “cookie bar” on NW Thurman. So I went. And I sampled. And sampled. And nearly every one of the 6-8 different varieties (ccc, ginger molasses, snickerdoodle) that I put in my mouth were delicious (the only exception being the brownie, which I thought was not compelling at all.  Especially for $3.)  I ended up buying one of these and one ginger molasses (also pretty great).

But this was my favorite – and the name of it tells you straight away that it’s gonna taste gooood.

Which is to say:

• Browned butter = disproportionately delicious.

• Oatmeal = toothsome, satisfying, pleasing. Maybe one of my top 3 cookie ingredients

• Pecans = always superior to walnuts. Always. (No offense to walnuts; they taste alright but they make my mouth feel like I’ve just French kissed a belt sander. They can’t hold a candle to pecans. It’s just how it is.)

• Cranberries = chewy and tart.

Bonus: they have enough salt – I didn’t have to add any my own.  And they’re just the right amount of doughy inside – with some crispiness on the outside.

My only complaint: For $2, I think it could be a bigger cookie. With that said, they are NOT stingy with the samples at the bakery, so you will hardly feel cheated.

Other than that…RECOMMENDED.