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Tabor Bread
5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland

I might be on a shortbread jag. Like I said in my last post, I have not historically been a shortbread-chaser.

But… being that Tabor Bread mills all of their flours right there in the bakery – from several different kinds of whole grains (spelt, rye, whole wheat, kamut, and more) –  their shortbread, naturally, offers a unique and welcome twist on the traditional.

Check it out:

background: walnut rosemary with golden raisins – made with spelt flour

Walnuts, not my favorite nut by a long shot, were ground small and had an unobtrusive presence. The rosemary added a savory touch, while the golden raisins brought it back around to a sweet situation. The spelt flour gave the whole thing a pleasing, toothsome quality.

foreground: black and white sesame with ginger – made with kamut flour

What can I say? Not only am I digging shortbread lately, I also seem to be experiencing somewhat of a sesame moment. And this one has not only white, but black seeds as well – living together in perfect harmony, side by side in my cookie…

Oh, and why not add a few nuggets of one of my most favorite ingredients  EVER? Candied ginger. PerFECTion.

The kamut flour, much like the spelt in the walnut rosemary, gives the cookie a hearty boost.

Note: these were only two of 4-5 other similarly thoughtful shortbread varieties being offered, one of which was chocolate. I believe the flavors rotate daily