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Café Eleven
435 NE Rosa Parks Way – Portland

I’ve eaten a lot of hippie cookies in my life.

A lot of them were good. A few of them were great.

But even more of them tasted like…actual dirty hippies.

This one gets it. What I mean is, the dude who baked it gets that a hippie cookie should contain plump raisins and/or maybe cherries and cranberries and perhaps (but not necessarily) some kind of seed (in this case pumpkin and sesame) or nut (in this case none). And also a whole grain or two (chewy oats or barley are always nice choices).

Dude also gets that a hippie cookie shouldn’t taste like pot and b.o. and mung bean sprouts. I don’t care if it’s vegan or made with butter and eggs, it is absolutely possible (and not so difficult) to make a cookie taste great going either route. I am nowhere near a vegan, yet some of my favorite and most returned-to cookies ARE (see vegan thumbprint, vegan molasses and hazelnut hempseed oatmeal).

I could do without the sunflower seeds (sunflower seeds really have no business in any dessert), but for some reason they’re not a deal breaker here. I’m going to allow them.

Soft, chewy, lousy with dried fruit, and enough salt to let us taste the caramel-y brown sugar and also what I’m pretty sure is real, sweet creamery butter.

Good cookie. Nice surprise.


UPDATE: 10/20/14: Just got a nice note from Lindsay (see below) letting me know that the cookie is, in fact, made by  Serious Business Pastries, just next door to Café Eleven: 431 NE Rosa Parks Way.  Thank you for letting us know!