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Bakeshop / Ristretto Roasters
5351 NE Sandy Blvd – Portland (Bakeshop)
3520 NE 42nd Ave – Portland (Ristretto)

The one I ate was the little round with rainbow sprinkles (above – I think those ones are 50¢, not $1), but I’m told that the same dough is used for the unadorned squares, pictured below. I found it at Ristretto on NE 42nd – not sure whether or not they’re sold at Ristretto’s other two locations. But I’m fairly certain that they sell at the squares (if not the sprinkly rounds) at their shop on N. Williams.

You can also grab one at Bakeshop’s retail location on NE Sandy – and probably a few other coffee shops where their recognizable (and delicious) cookies, scones, coffee cakes, etc. are sold.

I find most (not all!) shortbread to be one dimensional and, frankly, sort of unsatisfying. But this one was uncommonly pleasing – with just a touch of salt and more depth of flavor than you typically get in a plain, butter shortbread. I’m not sure if it’s the same recipe for “sand cookies” or “shortbread crust” that baker/owner Kim Boyce includes  in her excellent cookbook Good to the Grain  – I must remember to ask the next time I stop in.

I know so many cookie monsters who adore shortbread and being that my coverage on the topic has been admittedly slim, I vow to pay more attention to this cookie in the future. Sorry about the cruel neglect, shortbread.

In the meantime, I recommend this particular version heartily!