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Arizmendi Bakery

3265 Lakeshore Avenue – Oakland, CA

Approximately $1.30 (Sold by the pound – by I forget exactly how much.)



I keep forgetting to tell you about the last great cookie I ate!

I was at my brother’s house in Seattle over a month ago – the same day he brought it back from a trip to SF/ Oakland  along with a few others from the same bakery. Everything he’d picked out was truly good, but the ricciarelli was for sure the standout in the bag. By pure fluke, I, too, was in Oakland only a week later – staying in the same neighborhood (aka at our little cousin Matt’s house) so I got to eat another one. (I am still kicking myself for not grabbing at least a half dozen. It’s a cookie with an above average shelf life. A good traveler.)


Okay, so this is more or less a macaroon – with almonds instead of the typical coconut. Plus a just right hit of almond extract. No flour, no gluten if you care about that shit. It’s more or less the same deal as Bluebird Bakers’ Amaretto Cookie, but probably a little chewier and a skosh bigger. Two features I won’t complain about.

Chewy, sweet, almondy, almond extract-y. Slightly crisp exterior.

This should be a more ubiquitous cookie in places other than Italy or Little Italy because it is fucking GOOD and I love it.