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little t american baker
2600 SE Division – Portland

I’m not sure why I never had the oatmeal raisin (possibly my favorite kind of cookie, ever) at Little T until now. I’ve been to this bakery dozens of times in the 4 years it has been around. I’m thinking maybe it’s  because they haven’t always had it – or because it usually contains walnuts (not a fan).  Or…wait a minute.

Okay, yeah – I just checked the review I did in WW when they first opened. Yes. Now I remember…they used to put white chocolate chips in their oatmeal cookie. Enough said.

But…when I was there last weekend, I picked up the mercifully white chocolate and walnut-free oatmeal raisin, which, to be technical, included not only raisins (dark and golden), but currants, as well. I approve.

This is a classic version of a classic cookie: not shy on brown sugar (thank you), not shy on raisins and currants (gracias), not even a tiny bit dry or cakey – a flat and chewy and flavor-packed disc with a crisp, almost candied edge (merci).

Not that I don’t also enjoy an oatmeal raisin with a bit more girth and height (provided  it’s not dry inside). I totally love that.  But I also like this one very much.