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Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store
5000 SE International Way
Milwaukie, OR

I’m not going to tell you to go out of your way for this one. But I will tell you to go out of your way for Bob’s Red Mill buckwheat, rye, coconut and malted barley flours, toasted pumpernickel kernels, 8 grain cereal, teff, sesame seeds, organic oats and about 300 (at least) other BRM flours, grains, pastas,spices, seeds and snacks sold at discounted, bulk prices. Because it’s a great deal when you’re restocking your baking supply larder (I always come away with at least 3 items I’ve never seen or heard of [green pea flour? Who knew?])-  and a pretty fun and easy field trip from Portland.

So if you already happen to be there – and you also happen to be in the mood for an oatmeal raisin cookie (and don’t want to wait until you get home with your Bob’s booty in order to bake your own batch), this cookie – made in the store’s on site restaurant/bakery – is definitely worthwhile.

Plus, how often does an oatmeal cookie lover get to eat an oatmeal cookie made with oats milled on site? And sometimes even be treated to an actual sighting of the bolo tied and derby-hatted Bob, himself?  (Is it weird that I get star struck by Bob of the Red Mill?)

No nuts, no cranberries, no cherries. Light, if any, cinnamon. Soft, not crispy. Big (apx 5 inches wide) and flat. Nothing to write home about, exactly, but certainly nothing to sneeze at, either. Solid O.R.C., nothing fancy, no tricks.