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little t baker
2600 SE Division – Portland

Seems like Little T likes to switch up their oatmeal cookie from time to time. I have no complaints with this; there are so many ways to enjoy an oatmeal cookie. Why settle on just one?

I dug the oatmeal raisin and currant, and this one – sans raisins, plus pecans – is also a winner.

It’s been awhile since I got all up in that raisin version so I’m not sure if this is the same basic recipe, but judging from my description in that post, it may have been a crispier, firmer situation.

The oatmeal pecan, however, was pleasantly lumpy and under baked – the large pecans pieces (so much better than walnuts, who can disagree?) toasted perfectly. Not crisp, just doughy, nutty and earthy –  and altogether pleasing.

I’d do it again.