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Bakery Nouveau
4737 California Ave. SW – West Seattle

Holy shit, ANOTHER  fantastic oatmeal cookie!  They’re comin’ outta the woodwork lately – breaking new oatmeal ground.  And I am not complaining.

I recently declared that the oatmeal cranberry currant at Common Grounds may be the best one around,  but I spoke too soon. Not that I would EVER turn down the Common Grounds cookie (still a fantastic offering worth going out of your way for) – especially in light of the fact that the one I’m about to lay on you is a 3 hour drive from where I live.

But friends, there is a new champion:

They call it oatmeal fig (with no mention of raisins), but those dark spots you see are, indeed, raisins. The figs in question are actually incorporated into the dough, resulting in a sweetness and depth that makes this cookie outstanding amongst its peers. Truly in a field all its own.

Here’s what else:

• Dark brown sugar (and possibly no white sugar at all) – the flavor is deep and toffee-like.

• Salt.  Yes, they are not afraid of the salt.  Enough to bring out the molassas-y goodness  and the earthiness of the oats.

• This cookie tasted very good on the day that it was baked, but even more terrific the next day. See, we were kinda  busy sampling the twice-baked almond croissant (fantasic), the available only 1 week/year Polish paczki (amazing) and the Parisian macaron (forgettable, I’ve had much better) to get down more than one little bite of the cookie that first day. But it turns out that extra time gave the ingredients a chance to saturate and co-mingle – to great advantage.

More notes….

• A slightly firm and crunchy exterior surrounds a soft yet toothsome and oaty center.

Man,  I wish this cookie weren’t 200 miles away from me, but it’s probably a good thing (for my butt) that it is.  It is so far superior that I’m thinking Bakery Nouveau has quite possibly ruined me for all other bakery oatmeal cookies.  High praise, I know. But to know me is to know that I don’t dole out the superlative cookie props so easily.  With that said…

• It is beyond.  Simply…BEYOND!