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Laughing Planet Café
7 locations in Portland (and a couple in Eugene and Corvallis)

I’m sorry to say that I’ve overlooked this cookie for a long time. Truthfully, the only reason I ever even go to Laughing Planet is to grab the Hempseed Carob Hazelnut, probably the most unlikely cookie on my list of favorites. I’ve told you about this one. I’ve mentioned that there is no logical reason for me to love this cookie; it has hemp, it has carob,it has hazelnuts (not my favorite nut). Oh yeah, and it’s a little bit over-baked. I can’t explain or justify its credibility, all I know is that it is oddly compelling.

A little bit of context: I first tasted that big ol’ hippie hemp nugget somewhat blindly. It was passed along to me by my friend Greg B (via our other friend Peter K), who didn’t disclose its ingredients. Had I known, I would’ve been like: “Thanks but no thanks, bro.”  But I didn’t ask; I just put a piece of it in my mouth. And then couldn’t stop putting pieces of it in my mouth.

So if you’re like me and were scarred during a 1970’s childhood by carob masquerading as chocolate- and also don’t love hazelnuts (like a good Oregonian should) and also don’t make a habit of eating  hemp products (like a good native Eugenian should), then this oatmeal chocolate chip might be good hippy cookie training wheels for you.

Because truthfully, it’s really just a more approachable version of the hemp cookie. Same hearty texture, same bright snap of salt and soda (it’s almost scone-like in that regard). It kind of eats like a breakfast cookie or trail bar.

I dig it. I will eat this again. (And again.)