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The Bread Peddler
222 N. Capitol Way – Olympia

In another uncharacteristic move on my part, I’m throwin some more p-butter your way. That’s 2 in a row, cookie monsters!

Clearly, this one has more than just peanut butter going on.


• peanut butter (Chunky, I think – but I can’t tell for sure.)
• dark chocolate chunks
• dried cranberries
• oatmeal

Again, peanut butter will never be my first choice in anything other than a sandwich or a celery stalk. Or peanut sauce.

It is (severely!) lacking salt. (Come on, BP bakers. You just cannot make an cookie with unsalted peanut butter and unsalted butter and not add salt. This is an elementary flavor-making fact!) Other than this grave omission, however, I cannot deny that the Mud Bay is a solid representation of the classic “cowboy cookie” – the cranberries adding a (likely to many people a very welcome) alternative to the the typical raisin.

(FWIW: You will never hear me disparage a raisin where oatmeal is concerned. I love raisins with oatmeal – in any context. But I have no beef with the cranberry, cherry, apricot, etc. Those are great too.)

High quality ingredients (nice dark chocolate!). Honestly sized, (more than) fairly priced.

I love The Bread Peddler and have been making it a  pit stop during drives between Portland and Seattle for the past few years. I am, however, experiencing non-buyers remorse right now; I kind of can’t believe I didn’t get an almond meringue on this visit. Dummy. In case you dig a meringue, get it! It is stellar – one of the best I’ve had.