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Pie Spot
521 NE 24th Avenue- Portland

Yes, this is a place for pies. Little bitty personal-sized pies.  An impressively prolific variety, I might add.

Which is cool. But more compelling than the pies, if you ask me, are the cookies. (Because, uh…this ain’t no pie blog.) I’ve been here twice (two days in a row because I was working around the corner in a studio a couple of weeks ago) and each day they were making both regular chocolate chip and these here Momofuku cornflake cookies.

Which I’ve eaten before – from the source – Momofuku Milk Bar in NYC.  Both times I bought it (in NY and in Portland), the paper bag that they put it in was literally (not virtually) soaked in butter grease within an hour. For real. Not judging. Just reporting the facts: it is a buttery, buttery cookie.

Besides the usual suspects like flour, baking soda, salt, brown sugar, etc., here’s what’s in a cornflake cookie:

• mini marshmallows (They get all gooey and good just like you’d expect a mini marshmallow to get when you bake it.)
• mini chocolate chips (Why not regular chocolate chips? Those would be better, imo.)
• cornflake crunch (Basically candied cornflakes)
• butter. Did I mention the butter? Not only is there a half pound of butter in the dough, but an additional 9Tbs in the cornflake crunch. Hence the butter-soaked bag. Again, not judging. (See link below for recipe.)

Great texture.  Nice alternative to a standard ccc.

Check it out.

Momofuku Cornflake-chocolate chip marshmallow cookies – RECIPE