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Seastar Bakery
1603 NE Killingsworth St. – Portland


This is really more like a tiny cake – or a “cake-let” – than it is a cookie, if you want my opinion. (And if you’re reading this, you clearly do want my opinion.) No, I cannot back up that declaration academically. All I can tell you is that when I think of a molasses cookie, this is what comes into my head. Or this. Or anythingI’ve written about under the “ginger molasses” pull-category over to the right. 


I guess this is probably because the molasses sage cookie has height, like cake. And is…I don’t know…cakey, like cake. As in, you could probably stick a little candle it, with ease. And cut little cake-like wedges from it. Unlike a cookie.

It does, however, quite live up to its name. In other words, it is seriously and deeply molasses-forward. Like in almost a savory way, which doesn’t come a surprise in a cookie that lists sage as a main ingredient. If you don’t love molasses, back away. This is not your cookie, amigo. I have to be honest though,  I really didn’t get much of a sage hit here; the herb flavor was very subtle to non-existent. I’m thinking a browned butter icing (thicker than this one, like a solid smear of frosting) along with a heavier hand on the sage would be interesting. I may be trying this soon.

I won’t tell you that this was my favorite g.m. of all time, but it was oddly satisfying – even nourishing –  and I’m not sorry I bought this cookie or that I ate it…every last crumb of it. I often don’t finish cookies that I deem unworthy of its caloric footprint, so that’s not for nothing.