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Café at Line Hotel
3515 Wilshire Blvd – Los Angeles

Had a work/fun trip to LA last week for a few days and was put up in this Koreatown hotel for one night. I knew nothing about the place before I showed up so I was bummed that I’d made plans to meet my friends at The Ace for drinks instead of insisting they come there. I mean, The Ace is…The Ace. But this place has POT and Commissary and wasn’t crawling with 12 year olds (who were really probably more like 24-29 year olds – but at this point it’s really all the same to me). Oh well. Next time.

I did, however, make it to The Café in the lobby the next morning for coffee. I saw this cookie in the case with a sign that said it had been voted “best cookie in LA” by LA Weekly. Which meant I said: “one of those, please!”


• Super dark chocolate with a very discernible coffee flavor (hence the “mocha”).

• Above average in moistness and richness

• Nice salty flourish on top (see photo). Thank you for the salt!

• Overall: very good – and certainly recommendable. But if I’m being honest (and if I had been on the judging panel for “best cookie in LA”), the honor would have gone to the Ooey Gooey Double Chocolate at Milk. That is a more intense and a better cookie in general – and also only $1.50. (Note: this cookie is just too small and also not quite remarkable enough to justify the inflated $2.50 price tag.)