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7290 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA

Having surveyed This Cookie over a span of time and on several occasions, I have witnessed its unfailing consistency of awesomeness.  So it is with confidence that I make the following assertion:  Milk makes MY FAVORITE MOLASSES COOKIE.  Ever.

I have now sampled (i.e; shed tears of joy over) This Cookie on three separate visits to Los Angeles.  During my most recent trip to LA, I ate one on Monday and then returned to Milk on Saturday morning before heading to the airport on my way back to Portland.  I was picking up an assortment of cookies for my sister’s family (she had previously tasted The Cookie and was as smitten as I) as well as my friend Seana, who had been lookin’ out for my dog Chico all week and I wanted to return the sweetness. Naturally, I planned also to snag a farewell cookie for myselfl; my mission was not entirely selfless.

Why do I love This Cookie? And why do I insist on capitalizing it?  Because it deserves Proper Noun Status. It is, indeed, one-of-a-kind.  They call it a “molasses cookie” – not ginger molasses or ginger cookie, leaving no question that molasses is the key player. And because its flavor is so dominated by the richness of the molasses and butter, it is difficult to determine whether or not it actually does contain ginger, as molasses cookies tend to do.  No matter, the ginger factor seems inconsequential to what makes this cookie outstanding in its field:  a deep and full brown sugary essence that fills my palate from end to end and side to side.  An ever-so-slightly crisp exterior enhanced with large grains of turbinado sugar and thin drizzle of sugar glaze (because what better condiment is there for a cookie, I ask you, than EXTRA SUGAR?) gives way to relatively thin center that is neither crispy nor cakey, but rather almost candy-like in texture.  Indeed, the inside is more akin to a caramel than a cookie.

Another reason to love this cookie is that it is BETTER day-old!  Seriously…the flavors have settled to create, if possible, a flavor even more intense and profound than it was on day one.

File this under “worth going out of your way for”, and most definitely “worth writing home about.”