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Tall Grass Bakery
5907 24TH Ave NW – Seattle

The photo tells you most of what you need to know.  But here is the rest: earthy and toothsome – made with whole wheat flour, chunks of candied ginger and plenty of good, dark molasses, this is the Cheech and Chong fatty spliff of the ginger molasses community.

With its generous use of molasses, it veers toward a savory, almost licorice-y biscuit or scone rather than a buttery-sweet cookie.  Now, I am not saying that this is the ginger molasses cookie that I would take to my desert island, but I would FOR SURE include it in a private consortium of ginger cookies worth going out of my way for.

Qualifier: if you don’t have room in your heart (and belly) for a slightly indelicate hippy-style cookie (not that it doesn’t contain its fair share of refined sugar), this might not be (the one you’ll want with) your cup of tea.