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Bushel & Peck Bakeshop
3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd – Portland

I said there would be more soon from Bushel & Peck. I wasn’t lying.

This one:  a chocolate crinkle. But like the ginger molasses with sesame from the same bakery, it’s a classic with a twist that takes it from (sort of) ubiquitous to fairly unique. The orange (zest, I’m presuming) is a great addition to an already delicious cookie

Presuming, of course, that you love orange in your chocolate. I do. If you do not, I totally get it. I don’t love raspberry with chocolate; it’s weird and cloying. But orange and chocolate? I am very fond of orange and chocolate.

The basics:

• Impressive girth (see photo)

• Studded with semi-sweet (possibly bittersweet) chocolate chunks

• Orange essence throughout

• Crispy exterior gives way to deeply chocolate, fudgy and moist center. (Note: it is flourless.  This almost always means more flavor. And also, obviously, un cakey.)

• Coated in powdered sugar. A standard move on a crinkle cookie, but adds no value other than aesthetic.  And it gets all over my shirt and lips. I could do without the p. sugar, frankly.

Very good.  I will have this cookie again.