Posted by on Jul 12, 2010 in Chocolate | 2 comments

Jim and Patty’s Coffee
4951 Northeast Fremont St – Portland

This dark and unassuming disc didn’t look like anything very remarkable when I decided to take it for a spin, but holy moly – what an unexpectedly delicious surprise.

I’ve experienced several versions of this cookie – but never one with such a prominent coffee punch.  This really tastes coffee-ey, which should come as no surprise, being that it is straight from the kitchen of “Portland’s Original Coffee People”.

Also, it was so much more moist and chocolaty than its deceivingly dry and homely appearance led me to believe.  I get an honest kick out of finding good cookies in unlikely places, and what makes it surprising is that this joint is decidedly NOT on the radar as far as local bakeries are concerned. It is a coffee house, first and foremost.  That said, I don’t know of a single bakery in town that has a wider selection of homey, American-style baked goods: coffee cakes (maybe 8-10 varieties), “donut” muffins,  various berry muffins, scones, hippie cookies, sweet breads (banana, ginger, zucchini), etc.  Perhaps only one item I’ve ever tried here (I think it was a bite of my friend’s chocolate chip scone) did not leave me begging for more.

A sly, quiet contender, this one.  Get familiar.