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The Slanted Door cookie kiosk
Ferry Building Marketplace- San Francisco

Note: I found this cookie NOT in the actual Slanted Door restaurant, but instead just outside of it, amongst the kiosks in the main hallway of the Ferry Building Marketplace. I’m not sure whether this a regular Slanted Door cookie stand or if it exists only occasionally. Looks like I assed-out with the information-gathering on this one. Sorry guys. 

I was with my mom on a short visit to S.F. last week and by the time I found this nugget last Saturday, we’d walked probably 5 miles and tasted about 4 other cookies in the Ferry Building/farmers’ – all of them before noon. The day before that, we’d tasted about 3 others in the city. This was the most remarkable of the bunch.

Big points for embracing the “less is more” maxim; the Slanted Door kiosk was selling exactly one item: chocolate chip cookies. Civilly-sized. $1 a pop. Perfect.

Nice quality chocolate chunks, but not so many that you couldn’t taste the cookie area. Thin, pliable – slightly crispy around the edges. I won’t tell you to hike too far out of your way for this, but if you happen to be at the Ferry Building and aren’t already completely nauseated by the free samples of luscious Recchiuti chocolates, crazy good Alfieri Farms nut brittles and sweeties from Miette, make sure to snag one of these little treasures at the end of the row.

Shoot, you should grab one even if you are nauseated. Throw it in your knapsack; you’ll be hungry for it later.