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Toasted Pecan Shortbread at Roman Candle

Posted by on Nov 16, 2013 in Shortbread/Sugar Cookies, Pecan | 0 comments

Roman Candle Baking Co.
3377 SE Division – Portland

There were three different flavors of shortbread cookies sitting in the case when I went in to pick up a loaf of my favorite bread the other day (actually, a quarter of a loaf of my favorite bread. Yeah, they sell quarter loaves – it’s a massive and dense loaf to begin with). Big points for RC for that.

I’m not typically shortbread-leaning, but these were all compelling. Polenta pisatchio (I might be making up the pistachio part), and…oh damn. I’ve already forgotten the other one, but it looked good, too.

When I finally settled on the toasted pecan, the very patient (and cute) young man at the counter smiled and told me it was his favorite. And though I haven’t tasted the others, he knows what he’s talking about. This is a really good shortbread cookie.

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Whole Grain Shortbread at Tabor Bread

Posted by on Jan 23, 2013 in Shortbread/Sugar Cookies, Whole grain | 0 comments

Tabor Bread
5051 SE Hawthorne Blvd – Portland

I might be on a shortbread jag. Like I said in my last post, I have not historically been a shortbread-chaser.

But… being that Tabor Bread mills all of their flours right there in the bakery – from several different kinds of whole grains (spelt, rye, whole wheat, kamut, and more) –  their shortbread, naturally, offers a unique and welcome twist on the traditional.

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Shortbread at Bakeshop / Ristretto Roasters

Posted by on Jan 17, 2013 in Shortbread/Sugar Cookies | 1 comment

Bakeshop / Ristretto Roasters
5351 NE Sandy Blvd – Portland (Bakeshop)
3520 NE 42nd Ave – Portland (Ristretto)

The one I ate was the little round with rainbow sprinkles (above – I think those ones are 50¢, not $1), but I’m told that the same dough is used for the unadorned squares, pictured below. I found it at Ristretto on NE 42nd – not sure whether or not they’re sold at Ristretto’s other two locations. But I’m fairly certain that they sell at the squares (if not the sprinkly rounds) at their shop on N. Williams.

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Ginger Oat Shortbread at Costello’s Travel Caffé

Posted by on Aug 30, 2011 in Ginger, Oatmeal, Shortbread/Sugar Cookies, Whole grain | 0 comments

Costello’s Travel Caffé
2222 NE Broadway – Portland

I had driven by this place countless times over the past several years and never thought to stop in. I guess I just thought it looked and sounded kind of dopey: “Travel Caffé.”  Like it was trying too hard or something.  What the hell is a “travel café”, I would ask myself?  And anyway, I am not traveling, I live two miles from the joint.

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Two Rhubarb Cookies at Two Tarts Bakery

Posted by on May 22, 2011 in Macaroon/Macaron, Shortbread/Sugar Cookies, Meringue | 3 comments

Two Tarts Bakery
2309 NW Kearney Street – Portland

I’ve had it in mind to talk about Two Tarts for ages. I’ve been enjoying them ever since they first started plying their tiny wares 3-4 years ago at The Portland Farmers’ Market. They’ve since opened a small retail shop on NW 23rd Avenue, and continue to sell at the market, as well.

The problem is this: if I am to tell you about about Two Tarts, I am required to talk about not less than 10 different cookies at once.  And it turns out that as much as I love to talk about cookies, I’m pretty lazy.  So I’m compromising and talking about only three different Two Tarts cookies.   It’s a start.

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