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Peanut Brittle Cookie at Little T Baker

Posted by on Jan 30, 2017 in Peanut Butter | 0 comments

Little T Baker
NE 24th and Sandy – Portland (inside Providore Fine Foods) & 2600 SE Division (main bakery location)


The fact that there are a mere 3-4 other peanut butter cookies on Carpe Cookie is not an accident. As I mentioned in at least one of those reviews, I find it hard to get excited about a PBC. They’re typically bland and flat-tasting, not salty enough (for the love of George Washington Carver, peanuts need salt!) and often greasy. Just not my thing.

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Cookie Salon #2: Peanut Butter*

Posted by on Apr 3, 2011 in Peanut Butter, Cookie Salon | 0 comments

Peanut Butter* Cookie Salon

(What is a cookie salon?)

Date: March 15, 2011

Attendees: Sarah V.B., Brooke M., Giovanna Z., Beth S., Joanna M.

*The theme was actually “Nut Butter/Nut Flour, but in the end it was peanut butter dominated affair, with only 2 of the 9  cookie being non peanut butter (almond flour).

Top row – from left

• No flour peanut butter – Sarah
Grand Central Bakery Cookbook (with chocolate chips)- Sarah
• Grand Central Bakery Cookbook (w/o cc) – Sarah
Food and Style Sienese Almond Cookie – Beth
New Seasons Grocery Store (purchased from in-house bakery) – Brooke

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