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Bushel & Peck Bakeshop
3907 NE Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd – Portland

Q: Why have I never written about a snickerdoodle  in my 3 whole years of cookie bloggin?

A: Because virtually every snickerdoodle that has ever been inside my mouth tastes like a whole lotta nuthin.

Q: Why am I writing about one NOW?

A: Because the simple addition of cardamom, a tiny bit of salt (even a little more wouldn’t hurt, frankly),  added to the baker’s willingness to underbake it so that it remains soft and buttery and not dry and biscuit-y, makes this snickerdoodle worth talking about. And, more to the point, worth being inside my mouth.

If you want a simple butter cookie that is not shortbread and has more flavor than a typical sugar cookie/snickerdoodle, you’ll want to check this one out.

One drawback (a result, actually, of what makes it so good) is that because it is underbaked and soft,  it falls apart almost immediately.  The cookie was already 4 separate chunks by the time I got it home. (See top photo – those are actually just pieces placed together like a jigsaw puzzle.)  I guess the reason this doesn’t happen with an underbaked ccc or oatmeal cookie is that those both have things like oats and chocolate chips creating a structural integrity. So if you’re wanting to take a few to a friend or to a party, ask for a box.


*Other than this gluten free one at Cravin Raven, which kind of doesn’t count because, in all of its gluten freedom,  it exists outside the definition of a true snickerdoodle.