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Roman Candle Baking Co.
3377 SE Division St. – Portland

This is the second time I’m talking to you about biscotti. (The first was just last month.)

Note: I should actually say from Roman Candle, not at. I found these biscotti  at Case Study Coffee on NE Sandy  — along with a solid lineup of other RC pastries. I’ve never actually seen it at Roman Candle because their pastry case was close to empty 9 out of the approximately 10 times I’ve been there -despite the fact that it was nowhere near closing time on any of those visits. (This is one of my beefs with RC – but I won’t get into that now.)

Instead, I will dwell on the positive.

Similar to the aforementioned first biscotti posted in January, this one is:

• loaded with almonds. Lots and lots of slivered almonds – as you can see in the photo. That, added to the fact that it seems to be pretty light on sugar, means you could (and should) consider this a nutrition bar. It is protein-packed, people; I suspect it contains as much food value as a Lara Bar – or at the very  least a Nature Valley Granola Bar.

I’ll take it one step further: these biscotti are to cookies what Paydays are to candy bars.

Not similar to the Whole Foods biscotti is the fact that this is:

• hard as a goddamned rock. Yes, I know…biscotti is hard. It was made to be dunked. But what I’m telling you is that I literally could not get my teeth through this nugget without first dipping it in my coffee. I would seriously have f-d up some very expensive dental work if I’d tried any harder. I am not being hyperbolic when I tell you that this could absolutely double as a door stopper. No joke.

• no raisins or currants. Just straight up slivered almonds from end to end. (To know me is to know my love of the almond: the superior nut. J’adore des amandes.)

• vanilla-y? I’m not 100% on this, but there seems to be a nice little Nilla Wafer after-hit going on.

Although this is certainly pleasing in its rustic simplicity, I almost don’t even consider it a cookie. But because I know enough people who say shit like “I don’t really have a sweet tooth” (i.e., freaks), this one is for you.