My name is Joanna and I believe that a great cookie can make a bad day okay and an okay day terrific. I like to find great cookies, I like to make great cookies and most of all, I like to eat great cookies. And, as it turns out, I have a thing or two to say about all these great cookies – therefore I believe that sharing my abundance of cookie thoughts and experiences with my fellow cookie monsters is my civic duty, if not my entire raison d’etre.

I live in Portland, Oregon, home to its fair share of very good cookies. My cookie scouting is not, however, limited to Portland; searching out the most awesome local cookies when visiting other cities is at the very top of my travel agenda – before museums, shopping, even restaurants.

In short, I am a cookie chaser. And the aim of this blog is to chronicle and record my prey. Not only do I welcome suggestions and insights regarding cookies across the globe, I expect them.

Yes, I do realize that I used the word “cookie” twelve times in the above paragraph (fifteen, including this one). Stylistically undesirable, oui, but when you wanna talk about cookies, you gotta say “cookies” kind of a lot. There is no way around it.

In sum, life is short. Too short to eat shitty cookies.